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White Dirt of Georgia

Grandma's White Dirt

Grandma's White Dirt

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Each 1 you order = Approximately 2 Pounds
(You Get 2 Bags): Now Only: $11.95

Have A Crispy Creamy Happy Day!

The Original Freshly Dug Georgia White Dirt

 You can choose your favorite size:

Regular Size Pieces, Smaller Pieces, or Tiny Grains and Dust.


  Discover White Dirt

  • Grandma's Is Smooth and Freshly Dug Direct From The Mine
  • Grandma's is the White Dirt That Your Grandma Told You About Years Ago
  • Grandma's White Dirt Is All-Natural and Has No Additives
  • Each Bag of Grandma's White Dirt Weighs Well Over 1 pound
  • Grandma's White Dirt is Still the ORIGINAL Georgia White Dirt
  • Grandma's Is Said To Taste Like A Sprinkle Of Rain On A Hot Dusty Road
  • Sometimes Crispy Crunchy - Sometimes Smooth and Creamy


Thank you for ordering the Original Grandma's White Dirt. We make a trip to the mine approximately every two or three weeks. Sometimes the Kaolin that we receive will be soft and soapy feeling and sometimes it will be hard and smooth. We can not guarantee that the white dirt that you receive today will be one or the other, as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and will ship the product that we have in stock at the time that your order is filled. If we don't have the firmness or texture that you desire, please wait a week or two and order again. You are welcome to call or write and inquire as to what we are currently shipping. Our goal has always been to get you the quality white dirt that you desire, and we have been doing just that for approximately 30 years.

As an option, we now offer smaller pieces of Grandma's White Dirt. If you are tired of dirt that's too big, you can now look no further than Grandma's White Dirt Smaller Pieces! Our premium-grade kaolin clay is now available in bite-sized pieces, perfect for enjoying as a guilt-free treat. All our White Dirt is hand-harvested in small batches from the heart of Georgia and carefully processed to ensure maximum purity and flavor. Whether you're a long-time fan of kaolin clay or a curious first-timer, you won't be disappointed by the texture and enjoyment of Grandma's White Dirt Smaller Pieces.

We also have recently added Grandma's White Dirt Tiny Grains and Dust. I am thrilled to share some exciting news about this new offering. Our product is not just a dirt, but an all-natural ingredient that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your beauty routine. Our dirt is perfect for creating homemade face masks, makeups, and shampoos as well as lots of other uses. We take pride in sustainably sourcing our kaolin products. So, if you're looking for a natural and versatile ingredient to elevate your beauty game, give our product a try! It's time to experience the wonders of Grandma's White Dirt Tiny Grains and Dust for yourself!

We have just added the White Dirt Boulders in the 5 Pound Bag. This is for those customers that require that EXTRA CRUNCH. The bags are sold as single units and are NOT Buy 1 Get 2 like the 1 pound bags.



Each Unit Equals 2 Bags

Buy 3 Units and Get 7 Bags!

Approximately 32 oz (2 Pounds): Now Only: $11.95

The NEW White Dirt BOULDERS is in a 5 Pound Bag and is Sold as a Single Bag Only (Not Buy 1 Get 2)



 Grandma's White Dirt

 Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Love Your Grandma And Be Happy!

Grandma's White Dirt In The NEW Supersized 5 Pound Bag Is Available At

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